Something smells fishy…

Fishing for dinner in the Howqua River, Snowy mountains, Victoria.

We were walking through the isles of one of our major supermarkets here in Australia doing the weekly shopping, when we stopped at the fish fridge. Usually we try to buy our meat and veg from farmers markets and butcher/fish shops but today the fish shop was closed. One thing that struck me when looking at our fish options for the week was that the cheaper and often larger fish all came from Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and even Tanzania. How can our food system be so inefficient that supermarkets are offering a fillet of ‘fresh’ fish that has come from TANZANIA for AUD$15/kg cheaper than fish from Australian waters/fishermen. To give anyone an idea of how silly this concept seems Tanzania is roughly 11,500Km from Newcastle (East coast Australia) where we live, while our house is roughly 3.5km from the ocean and a fishing cooperative shop. I would love to here anyone’s opinion on this issue, as it seems to me that someone is being screwed, whether that is the Australia or Tanzanian Fishermen or us as consumers.


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