G’day and welcome to The Road to Raelands blog

We decided to create this blog so that you can follow us on our adventures in self-sufficiency and farming throughout the following year and beyond. Hopefully you can pick up some handy tips along the way, while also throwing suggestions and ideas at us if you have an even better way to do things!
There are a couple of features that we are aiming to keep relatively constant on our journey. They are: minimal expense to establishment of various projects, obtaining many uses out of a single product and being environmentally and ethically sustainable.
We hope this blog can also encourage more young people into agriculture and show that it is a very rewarding, exciting and sometimes challenging career path to follow. The need for sustainable food production is only going to increase with a rising world population and the average age of farmers is around 50 years old so we need more young people interested. If you are a farmer/s, especially of the younger generation we would love to hear from you and your experiences.

How can this blog help you? well, you get to check in and see what we’re up too throughout the year and hopefully use some of the ideas in your own household.

A quick note & disclaimer: The information in this blog purely outlines the products we have made and does not intend to direct the reader in the safe handling of potentially hazardous foods. We take no responsibility for any injury or sickness received from following any of the procedures or recipes within this blog. This is an Australian blog so all measurements will be in metric, therefore we will try to include conversions along the way. All photos are the authors own unless otherwise stated and are not to be used or reproduced without the authors permission. Thanks for being understanding :).

Enjoy the reading!

James & Lauren


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