This blog is first and foremost a place for us to record our experiences, trials and errors for future reference and to hopefully gain further knowledge from like minded people. We don’t expect that you will agree with everything that we have written about and we do not claim to be experts in any of the things posted here, however we do hope that the experiences we are having can help others out when it comes to practical and sustainable ways to garden, grow, cook, bake, brew or farm. Here is a bit about us:

I (James) am in my final year of studying agriculture at university and will soon be the 5th generation dairy farming on our family farm ‘Raelands’. Over the last few years I have increasingly been trying to think of ways to become more self sufficient, more involved in community based agriculture (e.g. farmers markets) and more diverse in our enterprises on the farm. All in the hope of sustaining, building and maintaining a decent standard of living for two separate families off a small dairy farm.

My partner Lauren works in the social services sector and enjoys going along with (most) of my crazy ideas and in the future will be blogging about different ideas of her own.

We wont be moving to the farm until my studies are finished, so what a great time to be exploring and testing different options in how we use and produce food!

Enjoy the Blog and we hope it is somewhat useful.

James & Lauren

3 comments on “About

  1. jennyg82 says:

    Your blog is wonderful! So much great advice, I know I’ll be back again and again.

    • Raelands Farm Barrington says:

      Thanks heaps Jennyg82, Your blog site is really cool too! Its great to know that there are other young people aiming towards a more sustainable life and future 🙂 P.s. we really like the quotes you have started each of your posts with. All the best.

  2. Thank you, Raelands, for having visited the blog! It is much appreciated!

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